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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Today Tonight

Today Tonight. If there is one thing I hate about television, it is shows like this.

Sensationalised "current affairs". What a joke.

Television is such a powerful medium. It gets to so many people, and unfortunately it seems most people believe what they hear without question. Shows like Today Tonight take what might be the smallest most insignificant fact and completely sensationalise it into something ridiculous. Fear rates, and this is what they try to create.

On top of that, they are just dirty and misleading.

There is this terrible story of them getting an exclusive story, not holding up their end of the deal, with some dire consequences.

Recently there has been a Big Brother story (sorry) of no importance or interest at all, but it does just show lazy and irresponsible to people of Today Tonight are. Here is the story, with a response from a party affected.

After seeing that story on YouTube, I was lead to another clip or colection of clips of Naomi Robson. I guess its what I expected, but its not until you actually see it do you realise everything is as bad as you expected.

Oh, this is also great. Sounds a lot like a guy at work (he's a great guy though).


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