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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Puzzle Pirates

This is a very cool little MMOG.

In my search for the greatest MMOG, this game kept coming up. It never sounded to appealing. I mean, I 'm not the puzzle playing type. But after coming across it yet again, I decided to give it a go, and it is actually very cool!

It is a MMOG with some very cool features:
  • Own your own house
  • You can own you own boat (although expensive)
  • You can be part of a crew (or captain) of a crew
  • Apparently you can own your own island (but I haven't worked that one out yet)
  • Quite a few games to play, from puzzles, to card games, to board games
  • There is a full economy including manufacturing
  • Seems to be a decent political system as well (haven't delved much into that)
  • The pirate theme is awesome! Arrrrr!
I'm more I'm sure. There is a good chance I'll get bored of the puzzles (which are quite clever), but I get bored of everything.

It also doesn't seem full of 12 year old nitwits funnily enough.

Anyway, I'm in Ocean Sage as Bazman. Come and be my hearty!

Raise the anchor, we have some pillaging to do!

Ahoy there!!



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