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Friday, September 01, 2006

Power Razor = Crappy Product

So Gillette have come out with the Mach3 Power Razor.

I switched from Gillette Mach3 to Schick Extreme 3 a couple of years ago and have never looked back. The more solid "old-skool" Schick I found much better to shave with than the fancy rotating flexible head of the Mach3. The Schick was smoother, cut closer and was more comfortable. The Mach3 rotating head just felt like it was all over the place, and worked for the stubble more than it worked for me.

Anyway, I'd run out of razors for my Extreme and the local supermarket didn't have any replacements. They said they haven't had an for a few months. This scared me, but thats another story. Instead, my girlfriend picked me up a Gillette Mach3 Power.

At first, I was excited to be trying something new. But my mood dropped when I started shaving with the worse razor ever invented. Power = Noise. Power = Vibration. Power = something very wrong. Power != A closer, easy, better shave.

I soon switched off the power, and used it like a normal razor. A LOT better, but still not my Schick.

Now, however brought this product to market should be fired. Maybe I'm missing something, but I really don't see how anyone could have thought that this was a good product, and worth manufacturing.

If anyone has had any experience with this abomination of a razor, or any other razors, please let us know what your experience was.



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